Mike Griswold

Printing and Graphics Lead

Tacoma Public Schools

Mike Griswold is Printing and Graphics Lead, Tacoma Public Schools in Tacoma, WA. Griswold joined his alma mater as an employee in 2003 and was promoted to lead the in-plant in 2008 where he now manages day to day operations of the copy center and a fleet of over 230 copiers. Griswold holds a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications from Western Washington University. He began his printing career as a pressman in 1979, operating large multi-color offset presses as a union journeyman pressman. Griswold moved into graphic design and marketing work with the advent of desktop publishing before joining the district in 2003. Born and raised in Washington, the Evergreen state, Griswold has a deep love of jazz music, tenor saxophones and Shakespeare.