Kevin Karstedt


Karstedt Partners

Kevin Karstedt has been in the arena of digital graphic development and execution of packaging since the mid 1980s. Kevin is one of the foremost experts in the development and use of disruptive technologies including digital printing for packaging.

Karstedt Parteners, LLC is a global consultancy that serves the needs of the those producing products and services in the packaging, industrial and textile markets. The company has provided research and analysis to companies looking to use and develop innovative technologies. Through private and multi-client research and analysis their clients have launched and commercialized products that have revolutionized entire segments of their markets.

Kevin has been a speaker at numerous industry events around the world. He and his wife Lucinda make their home in a the town of Eden in upstate New York. He can be reached at 716-992-2017 or kevin@karstedt.com.