Erin Moore


Barrel Maker Printing

Erin Moore is the quick moving shop rat that helped found Barrel Maker Printing, an apparel decorator outside of Chicago, IL. Together with her husband Justin, they started Barrel Maker in the living room of their apartment in 2009. Today, their business operates out of a 13,000 square foot facility and services both contract and retail customers nationwide; specializing in eco friendly, retail ready printing. Erin was instrumental in developing their live printing division, a unique business model that utilizes print shops across the country to expand their reach. Live printing did over 300 events nationwide in 2019. She has also taught The Screen Print Experience, an in depth screen printing course since 2012, helping numerous printers start businesses and expand their knowledge of the craft. In 2017, Erin and Justin joined forces with a handful of other printers and Ryan Moor (Ryonet) to found Allmade Apparel, a line of t-shirts that focuses on ethical manufacturing and eco-friendly materials. This collaboration impacted her life, and challenged her to keep Barrel Maker on a sustainable course while they continue to grow.