David Luttenberger

Global Packaging Director

Mintel Group Ltd.

David Luttenberger is a 30-year veteran of the packaging industry. He is currently the Global Packaging Director at Mintel Group, Ltd., the leading market intelligence firm serving the global CPG and packaging converter markets.

He has primary responsibility for retailer, CPG, and package converter insights, package innovation, e-commerce, and sustainability activities in North, Latin, and South America, and the Asia-Pacific regions. He works in those regions on a regular basis.

David is the former VP/Packaging Strategist at CEB Iconoculture, and the former Director of the competitive intelligence firm, Packaging Strategies.

In July 2018, David completed Amazon’s APASS e-commerce certification program. He has earned Lifetime Certified Packaging Professional status, and has been recognized by the former Packaging & Technology Integrated Solutions (PTIS) as a Top Packaging Thought Leader. In 2015, David was presented with a DuPont Award for Package Innovation. In 2016, he was named by Packaging Digest magazine as one of the global packaging industry’s Top Social Media Influencers. He has been interviewed and quoted by NPR, CNN Business, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and other major publications and media outlets. He provided expert witness testimony related to intellectual property, copyright infringement, and package design and marketing.

David is a retired 23-year U.S. Marine Corps veteran.

If you are social-media savvy, you can follow David’s packaging Twitter posts at @packaginggeek.