David Hunter

Co-founder and Principal


David Hunter is co-founder and principal at ChromaChecker. He is an accomplished and recognized expert in color control and management with a proven 30+ year career commitment to the Graphic Arts Industry. In 1998 he was one of Apple Computers first three ColorSync Profilers. In 1999 he cofounded the PIA Color Conference with PIA, is one of the first G7 Experts, and one of six G7 Expert trainers in the world. David has co-authored several TAGA papers related to Color Matching and Common Color Appearance, researching how buyers judge color. He currently one of five North American members of the international CIE Committee (TC 8-16) studying how human’s perceive common color appearance. David has pioneered a process that quantifies a person’s expectation of color match acceptance (E-Factor) and carries it through the complete manufacturing workflow, ensuring success for manufacturers and their customers.