Charlie Cox

Chief Operating Officer

Wallace Carlson Printing

One of my biggest accomplishments was the opportunity I was given at Wallace Carlson Printing. I was brought in to overhaul operations, and within 18 months the company achieved stability with 11% growth. After several strategic moves, we shattered all profit records in the 86-year history of the company—four years in a row.

When it comes to organizational leadership, I’m dedicated to taking a holistic approach that helps team members achieve their goals in life while being relentless in seeing my company excel.

I focus on a few key areas:

• I conduct a deep analysis of current operations with a top-to-bottom assessment that applies a fresh perspective and identifies several critical areas of improvement.

• I strongly believe that a company’s greatest asset is its workers: If you work for your employees, they will work for you. This worker-centric value has allowed me to use Lean Management techniques, cross-train and educate employees in a way that directly impacts the bottom line.

• Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a stickler for managing rework spoilage. In every position, I’ve brought spoilage rates down to less than 1% (compared to the industry average of 3% – 5%), and have saved companies multi-millions through that one change.

• Automation, robotics, technology and software are tools at the heart of every successful company. I help businesses make smart investment choices for equipment and software that will spur production to new heights.