Cecelia Winters

Director Brand Marketing, Mail


Cecelia Winters has been with the USPS for over 37 years. In recent years, she has been in the Director Brand Marketing, Mail position where she is responsible for helping to maintain and grow Marketing Mail for the USPS.  This includes developing and execution Omni-channel campaigns that increase revenue and improve the organizations overall brand.

Cecelia has spent the majority of her career working in Sales and Marketing where she has assisted Top 500 customers in developing marketing plans and increase their sales. She has worked in several leadership positions within the USPS where she has managed budgets that exceeded $150 Million which included developing sales plans across the Gulf Coast.

Cecelia has accomplished several major milestones including managing and executing some of the largest print jobs in the United States. She has a strong process management background and excels in growing revenue with commercial customers and improving customer satisfaction.