PACKAGING - Label and Flexible


Xeikon – CX300 and PX30000


Oct. 29 • 12:00 PM EST


DONNA COVANNON, Director of Marketing, Xeikon


Xeikon occupies a very special place in the packaging and commercial printing community. As an early leader and pioneer in the digital printing space, they’ve consistently released new technologies and solutions to move the industry forward…and today’s session is no different. We’ll be getting an introduction to both schools of digital Label & Flexible Packaging production – EP Toner & Inkjet – via Xeikon’s “Cheetah” & “Panther” press portfolio – and a new addition to the family as well! In keeping with the goal of presenting the audience with some of the biggest printing news stories and product announcements of 2020, we’re excited to provide you with a special introduction to the new Xeikon CX300 – the Cheetah 2.0 !


Packaging Label and Flexible

Explore new and advanced digital Label & Flexible Packaging technology with Epson. The SurePress L-6534 represents one of the most modern techniques of digital UV label printing. Powered by a unique Epson PrecisionCore line-head, it can reach speeds of up to 164 linear feet per minute with extra embellishment and enhancement options - including Digital Varnishing & High Opacity White printing capabilities.


MICHAEL NYMAN, Senior Product Specialist, Epson

Packaging Label and Flexible

While these two packaging segments are at drastically different adoption stages of digital printing, they each present opportunities for those already in the segment and those looking to expand. In this session, label and flexible packaging printers will share their experiences with digital printing, and how it led them to new customers and new opportunities with existing customers.


CORY FRANCER, Editor-in-Chief, Packaging Impressions

CARL JOACHIM, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer , ePac

LOUIS DOLGIN, Corporate Business Development and Marketing Leader, American Packaging Corporation

CRAIG MORELAND, CEO and Owner , Coast Label Company