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Rollem International – Insignia Die-Cutter


Nov. 04 • 12:00 PM EST


DOUG SHERWOOD, Regional Sales Manager, Rollem Corporation

DANIEL CORWIN, Product Manager, Rollem Corporation


Rollem International, one of the industry’s leading print finishing firms with a 57 year history of innovative finishing products will be previewing the Insignia Series Die-Cutter for Folding Cartons. We’ll be speaking with; Doug Sherwood, National Sales Manager :  What’s exciting and different about the Insignia? This type of equipment, is a new class of sheet-fed rotary die-cutters filling a unique space in the packaging sector for shorter run packaging production. Insignia is a feature packed machine capable of not only die-cutting but embossing, scoring, cut-scoring, kiss-cutting and in-line folding/gluing to deliver finishing cartons in one pass with one operator. (1) Ease of job set-ups and change-overs utilizing flexible dies (a) With growing demand for shorter print runs, the operator can change from one carton skew (layout) to another in 10 minutes making it economical to process run lengths as low as 500 pieces (b) By utilizing mated pairs of flexible dies, a male and female die are easily mounted on the cylinders enabling just minutes for make-ready and job change-overs. (2) Multiple processes are completed in one step with one machine and just one operator (a) Sheets are die-cut, scored on the top and bottom in a single pass, holes are removed and a stripping unit diverts the waste or matrix, delivering the finished product in one process (3) While shorter runs are one of the benefits of Insignia, it’s a production built machine with run speeds of up to 4,000 sph (a) And, Rollem likes to mention Insignia is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. (b) Unique to this class of die-cutters, InsigniaX³ can die-cut up to 30 pt. thicknesses (4) Insignia’s versatile with four model sizes and configurations to meet the specific demands of the user. Production is streamlined further with end of line options.(a) Run Insignia in-line with folder/gluer units for uninterrupted production of folded cartons (b) Choose from three types of delivery units (c) Learn about the Insignia6 H model which can be used as a dual magnetic configuration or as a single magnetic configuration using just a single die for kiss-cutting or creasing In today’s video, viewers will experience a start to finish demonstration on the Insignia 6 “H” model die cutter as a sheet of 2-up folded cartons are die-cut, scored on the top and bottom, stripped from the matrix and delivered in one pass. ”Under the hood” features will include the press style guide and gripper registration system, the dual magnetic cylinder configuration housing the mated flex dies, the waste removal or stripping unit and the shingle conveyor delivery system. Don’t miss this educational video which will explain the use and value of flexo-magnetic die-cutters for not only folding cartons but a wealth of products requiring short-long run die cutting.


Packaging Folding Carton and Corrugated

Konica Minolta is proud to present the new KM1e digital inkjet B2 plus-sized press. While the KM1 inkjet technology has been established for the last 5 years as a leading solution in the Commercial Printing arena around the world, the new KM1e has greatly expanded its substrate management capabilities for a diverse array of applications – including folding carton board-stock. The KM1e – using patented Konica Minolta inkjet heads – takes advantage of a unique LED-UV ink-curing process to also produce applications on various types of media such as plastics, backlit signage, transparent film, foiled paper, metallic media, canvas and synthetic materials. To provide some perspective on the new press, Konica Minolta invited one of their top U.S. customers, Vulcan Information Packaging, in Alabama to share their experience with all the packaging printers and converters in the audience today. Vulcan also acquired an MGI JETvarnish 3D Print Embellishment press from Konica Minolta along with their KM1. and now has a branded luxury finishing service called “Vivid 3D” for unique, customized corporate branding projects.


ROCKY PROFFIT, Founder & CEO, Vulcan Information Packaging

JERRY PEARCE, Executive Vice President, Vulcan Information Packaging

Packaging Folding Carton and Corrugated

A variety of consumer trends are opening up new opportunities in both the folding carton and corrugated segments of the packaging industries. With a desire for recyclability, online shopping, and high-quality products, paperboard packaging has shown to address these consumer trends and brand demands. Join Cory Francer, editor-in-chief of Packaging Impressions, as he and a panel of printers discuss why these segments are on the rise.


CORY FRANCER, Editor-in-Chief, Packaging Impressions

HILDA MURRAY, Executive Vice President/Owner, TPC Printing & Packaging

KERRY BROWN, Vice President of Operations, Curtis Packaging

JUSTIN STACEY, VP of Ecommerce Solutions, The BoxMaker