Key Trends in Mailing and Fulfillment


Nov. 05 • 11:15 AM EST


LEO RAYMOND, Managing Director, Mailers Hub


For many commercial printers, mailing and fulfillment are profitable value-adds that transform printing into a full service. This session will highlight changes in this area, and will discuss how companies can boost the bottom lines by offering a line of services that fits in with the needs of today’s marketers and direct mail companies.


Mailing/Fulfillment Mailing and Fulfillment

Halm is a name know to the envelope and corporate graphics overprint market with over 3,300 offset jet presses sold in North America.  W+D Halm i-jets have already become the most dominant high-speed inkjet envelope overprint press in the world as well as the world’s fastest production class Memjet inkjet overprint press running at speeds up to 32,000 EPH at a very high print quality of 1600 x 1375 dpi.  The proven Halm dual feeders allow the widest range of finished envelope sizes and flat sheet paper stocks.  The newest model is the W+D Halm I-jet 2 offers even more ease of use and process automation as well as the lowest cost per/M for Memjet ink and print heads consumable costs.   In the increasingly competitive world of high-quality  envelope and corporate graphics inkjet printing , the  W+D Halm i-jet 2 allows you to get short to medium run work finished faster, less expensively, with the highest dpi quality and with less people.  North American W+D Halm i-jet users are making money with this press on individual job sizes of 1 to 200,000 envelopes.


TBD, Supplier Expert, Printing Industry Supplier

Mailing/Fulfillment Mailing and Fulfillment

This is the 3rd generation of Fujifilm’s highly successful J Press product line. The J Press 750S incorporates the industry leading capabilities and quality of previous generations while delivering higher and higher levels of productivity. When quality matters, only the J Press features an inline, and real time, scanning system that makes automatic nozzle corrections on the fly and requires zero intervention from the Operator. The J Press 750S features Fujifilms ColorPath SYNC Brand Color Optimizer allowing users to quickly and accurately predict the entire Pantone library in only minute.


EDWARD PIERCE, Product Marketing Manager, FUJIFILM