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How Great Promotional Products Decoration Can Give Businesses an Edge in the COVID Economy


Nov. 09 • 12:30 PM EST


SEAN NORRIS, Editor-in-Chief, Promo Marketing Magazine

RJ HAGEL, Manager, Global Marketing, Goldstar

TOM DAVENPORT, Co-founder, Ink Kitchen

MIKE WILSON, Vice President of Operations, Overture Promotions


Marketing budgets certainly aren't what they used to be for many buyers of promotional products like T-shirts, pens, drinkware and thousands of other items. That makes it even more critical for distributors selling these products to gain any edge they can over the competition. One way to do that is with great decoration that elevates an ordinary giveaway or piece of branded merchandise into an item end-users will rave about. We look at the cutting-edge decoration methods and creative design ideas that are helping promo businesses do just that.


Apparel Direct-to-garment/Direct-to-substrate

Kornit offers a full line of industrial-grade direct-to-garment printers that produce retail quality results for a variety of production needs ranging from 2000 to 12000 impressions per week. In the presentation, you’ll get an up-close look at the Atlas system, which provides a great example of Kornit’s state-of-the-art HD printing technology and patented single-step process.


MATT MEANY, Presales Application Specialist, Kornit Digital

Apparel Direct-to-garment/Direct-to-substrate

Brother recently launched its 5th generation of dtg printers – GTXpro Series. With options from for both the small to mid size market and the high volume print shops… the GTXpro Series of dtg printers are quickly becoming the printers of choice by all size print shops. Brother listened to the market, spoke with shops that already have Brother equipment, competitors’ equipment and those that have not gotten into DTG printing yet. The feedback was the market wants 1) faster print speeds, 2) lower running cost and 3) make the total process easier for the operators.


JOHNNY SHELL, Consultant, Industry Consultant