Developing a Five-Year Strategic Plan


Nov. 02 • 12:15 PM EST


GREG CHOLMONDELEY, President, Cholmonco Inc.


In-plants may have top-of-the-line equipment, facilities, funding, and staff, but if they don’t have a strategic plan to guide them toward their goals, they will never achieve greatness. In this session, Consultant Greg Cholmondeley will go over the steps in-plants should be taking to create a five-year strategic plan and highlight the 10 key elements to include.


In-Plant In-Plant

Tecnau is a leader in feeding and finishing systems for high-speed inkjet presses, both continuous web-fed and sheet-fed. Northern-Italy-based Tecnau also has offices in the Boston area, as well as Sweden, and has a worldwide customer base. Founded more than 30 years ago, the company offers a broad portfolio of solutions for an array of applications, giving in-plant printers the ability to produce books, booklets and manuals; brochures and calendars; postcards, letters and statements. After a brief overview of the established product line, Scott Peterson, product marketing manager at Tecnau, will introduce us all to their newest finishing systems. The Revolution 50 series offers cut and stack finishing for the newest generation of high-speed continuous inkjet presses, with capability of running at speeds up to 750 feet per minute, and compatibility with coated papers. The just-announced Stack 1212 also cuts and stacks heavy ink-coverage applications across a wide gamut of papers, but this time the focus is on sheet-fed input, or more specifically, B2/B2+ sheets. Finally, Tecnau will also give us a bit of a peak at their Splicer Roll 40 system, which gives continuous inkjet press users dual unwinders and dual rewinders to keep their press up and running.


SCOTT PETERSON, Product Marketing Manager, Tecnau

In-Plant In-Plant

Transitioning from offset and toner technologies to production inkjet is a big move for an in-plant, yet so far dozens of in-plants have done it. This session brings together three in-plants that use production inkjet presses to discuss the challenges they faced when replacing multiple devices with an inkjet press, the types of work they are successfully printing with inkjet, quality considerations, volume requirements, and much more. In-plants looking into inkjet should not miss this session.


BOB NEUBAUER, Editor-in-Chief, In-plant Impressions , NAPCO Media

GARY BENSON, Print Operations Manager , Compassion International

DAVID ROBERTS, General Manager, Graphics SBU, PRIDE Enterprises

KRISTEN HAMPTON, Director of Print and Mail Management , State of Michigan's Department of Technology, Management & Budget (DTMB)

In-Plant In-Plant

C.P. Bourg Technology enables our users to “do more with less” That’s more work with less labor, less waste and less time. C.P. Bourg designs and develops Automated Perfect Binding and Booklet Making technology for the broad spectrum of the printing industry including traditional offset, Digital Toner and ink-jet workflows. C.P. Bourg has pioneered many industry first’s including “Dual Mode” functionality, a feature that enables our in-line (attached to a printer) finishers to also operate off-line identical to any standalone bindery device. C.P. Bourg finishers have been designed to finish versioned, variable and high value personalized products with “zero waste”. C.P. Bourg has developed scalable technology that enables our users to add automation and features as their workflows evolve.


TBD, Supplier Expert, Printing Industry Supplier