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Graphics/Wide-Format Finishing and Workflow

With the rise of digital finishing equipment and intelligent workflow software, building an automated wide-format graphics factory is within reach. How has digital finishing equipment and workflow software changed to reflect the move from an "arts-and-crafts" mindset to a "manufacturing" mindset? Why is this change critical to future success?


RYAN MCABEE, Director, Production Workflow, Keypoint Intelligence

ERIC ZIMMERMAN, Director, Wide-Format Printing Consulting Service , InfoTrends

Mailing/Fulfillment Mailing and Fulfillment

COVID-19 has caused an undeniable disruption throughout the marketplace, making it necessary for the printing industry to pivot business strategies. In this presentation we will examine print industry trends from digitalization to IoT to technological advancements in ways that can make a difference in navigating this new landscape. And more importantly, we will look at how these trends are driving marketing tactics and strategies to make all the difference in 2021.


CECELIA WINTERS, Director Brand Marketing, Mail , USPS

Commercial Dry and Liquid Toner

Toner printing technology and products ushered in the age of digital printing, and then with the introduction of production inkjet, people were starting to write off toner. Well guess what, not only is toner still viable, it is going through a renaissance and becoming more competitive, giving inkjet and even analog printing technologies a new run for the money.


DAVID ZWANG, Principal Consultant , Zwang & Company

Apparel Screen/Decoration

Today's screen printers are a far cry from the screen printers of a decade (or more) ago. What does it take to build a successful screen printing business today? What pitfalls and opportunities must all business owners be aware of?


MARSHALL ATKINSON, Business Coach , Atkinson Consulting

Apparel Direct-to-garment/Direct-to-substrate

The fashion industry is a global business of 1.3 trillion dollars, which employs more than 300 million people worldwide and represents a significant economic force and a substantial driver of global GDP. Sustainability has recently become an important new driver in consumers’ purchasing decisions. Many cross-industry initiatives have helped companies to identify more sustainable work practices across the product life cycle and several brands have publicly fixed sustainability goals. What else can you expect in the near-term?



Digital Textile Digital Textile

Running a digital textile business isn't just a matter of installing a new press and running fabrics through it. Beyond just having the right equipment in place, what types of products are you going to produce? How do you market this new opportunity? How are you going to make a profit out of this new venture? This session will take a closer look at what you need to know to build a successful digital textile printing business from the ground up.


DAVE MELEO, President, New Vision Imaging Systems Inc.

In-Plant In-Plant

In-plants need to shift from simply surviving during the pandemic to thriving. Consultant Howie Fenton will discuss how in-plants can recover lost revenue, rebuild their operations, accelerate their adoption of digital technologies, and rethink their operations to come out stronger once the pandemic has ended.


HOWIE FENTON, Owner, Howie Fenton Consulting

Industrial Industrial

Industrial printing is one of the most misunderstood yet exciting sectors of print. In this session, NAPCO’s Steve Duccilli will interview longtime industrial printing consultant Ray Greenwood to find out more about this fascinating field and the staggering range of applications where the print doesn’t just decorate the product but serves an integral, functional purpose. They’ll also explore how convergence is coming to industrial printing, albeit in a distinct way, and what printers from other backgrounds should consider before jumping into industrial markets.


STEVE DUCCILLI, Vice-President/Brand Director, Wide-Format and Industrial Printing, Napco Media

RAY GREENWOOD, Private Consultant and Contractor ,

Commercial Digital Inkjet

During these uncertain times many face difficult challenges, yet new opportunities abound. For the printing industry, there will be no new normal as we get past the COVID-19 pandemic. The habits of how print is bought and produced are irrevocably changing. The legacy business models of procuring print for the lowest cost per thousand pieces is being displaced by customers buying print only in the exact quantities they need, when they need it, with the expectation of 1-2 day delivery. This means that while print volumes will drop, the number of print jobs of micro- and short-runs will increase dramatically. Those jobs will have to be produced with fewer operators, since social distancing requirements are likely to remain well after a COVID vaccine becomes widely available. The only way to manage this is through more automation, and production inkjet is a critical link in managing these requirements. This leads to new opportunities, as the external and internal changes will enable the business model to change from a tactical to a value-add relationship between the customer and the print provider. In the end, those print providers who are able to adapt to these new business models will prosper, and will emerge out of this financially healthier than ever before.


MARCO BOER, Vice President, IT Strategies

Commercial Offset

Changes in a transformative marketplace creates opportunities for those who are prepared. The latest sheetfed offset technology provides innovators the opportunity to increase revenue, decrease costs, and exceed the expectations of their customers. Hear how leaders are integrating new technology, expanding customer needs, and their qualified staff to position themselves for continued success.


MIKE PHILIE, President, Philie Group

Packaging Folding Carton and Corrugated

Opportunities in paperboard-based packaging segments are on the rise as consumers seek out sustainable options, continue to embrace e-commerce, and show support for boutique brands. Join the experts at Karstedt Partners as they share their research and insights into these two dynamic packaging segments, how they compare and contrast, and how digital printing is accelerating their growth.


KEVIN KARSTEDT, CEO, Karstedt Partners

JEFF WETTERSTEN, President, Karstedt Partners

Packaging Label and Flexible

In this introduction and overview of the label and flexible packaging segments, representatives from the leading associations in labels and flexible packaging will provide a snapshot of these respective industries, the latest technologies driving innovation, and how printing companies of all kinds can access the expanding opportunities in these two dynamic packaging segments.



ALISON KEANE, CEO, Flexible Packaging Association

Graphics/Wide-Format Hardware and Consumables

COVID-19 has changed the face of the wide-format graphics sector. How has the industry responded? Where are the applications and markets that are growing and what do you need to know in order to be part of the industry's growth and the next normal?


TIM GREENE, Research Director, IDC

Workflow/Software Workflow and Software

Automation is considered the cure for the common cold, but is it the cure for your cold? Maybe you just have allergies. Or, you may have the flu. Automation might be the perfect solution to slice through bottlenecks, increase margins, add capacity through more efficient production, and increase customer satisfaction as you produce more perfect print, but it’s best as a journey and not a response to an emergency. This session looks at trends in workflow, trends in automation, and offers a path to Crawl, Walk, Run your way into workflow efficiency.


PAT MCGREW, Owner/Managing Director, McGrew Group